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VOL 1- Revised Edition coming soon.

Featuring a 22-minute Belly Dancing routine:
Ecstacy in Belly Dancing, CD Music for Dancers

1. Maharaja
2. Cairo
3. Shisheler
4. Taxim
5. Oglan Oglan
6. Drum Solo
7. Mastom/Mastom
8. Me Ali Olti Loo
9. Annette's Medley
10. Dari Lolo
11. Tinafto
12. Seroiko Medley
13. Of Veils and Incense

All songs, words and music composed by Tonya Chianis, R. SC, P. Tonya has poured her heart and soul into this CD to create a cultural Mecca of music for all styles of Belly Dance you are sure to enjoy!

Credits: Andreas Chianis, Bouzouki and Clarinet, With the Andreas Chianis Orchestra, Accompanied by John Bilizikian, Oud and Vocals, Produced by Tonya.

Compact Disc
music CD
"Atlantis" - Ecstasy in Bellydancing -
Volume 2
featuring routines for the Universal, Egyptian and Fusion artists.

Ecstasy in Belly Dancing – Vol.2 by Tonya Chianis R.Sc.P -- Reviewed by Oberon
Artwork for this CD is a wash of brilliant peacock colors with a luminescent picture of Atlantis, (Tonya’s daughter) shining from the center. The beautiful artwork fills the CD case from beginning to end with an attractive lively feel, and includes a collector’s “must have” black and white reproduction of Tonya and John Bilezikjian in a Fabulous promotional pose. (Delightful also is the small more informal glimpse of Mother and Daughter surrounding the amazing JB – whimsical peek at this historical trio).

I played the overture / taqsim that began the CD, several times because of it’s sweet beauty – however it was no surprise to me upon reading the list of performing musicians – they are:

•    John Bilezikjian – Oud, violin, viola, arranger, keyboards, guitar, percussion
•    Andreas Tsianis - Clarinet (husband to Tonya)
•    George Bilezikjian – Drum Kit, Dumbeg, Percussion
•    Gregory Hosharian – Keyboards, programming
•    Atlantis cymbals
•    Misaki Saito Guitar, programming, Engineer

Soul of Egypta
, (Beledy 4/4) creates a lengthy rollicking performance piece - an almost “cross-over” Greek attitude. It jumps into an extremely “dancer friendly” drum solo – different because of the presence of the drum kit audible in the mix – then bounces back into Soul of Egypta – ending with a Rhumba 4/4, an extremely polished, complete dance routine – with an evocative “night club” air.

Black Eyes (Ayub rhythm), definitely has the Bilezikjian “kiss” and dancers who love a fast, light “JB” entrance will mark this as a favorite. It “kicks butt” with lovely instrumentation.

The Bolero – “Atlantis” that follows in this set is tailor made for beautiful veil and is crafted in the style of grand “movie” music – heavily orchestrated - larger than life – a strong show piece for the dancer who can “hold her own”. I found myself thinking again how much I was loving the experienced effort that is evident in the beginnings and endings and everything in between.

Pearls of Passion is an Armenian 6/8 – wow – don’t know that I’ve heard another. I’m a huge fan of Armenian music – it has such beauty and passion and this is indeed a small passionate flight – young, frilly and romantic.

Turkish candy anyone? Lokoumi (Turkish candy) – a sturdy and stunning Karshilama is absolutely everything an energetic dancer could request in this genre.  It is clear rhythmically, an instrumental collusion of master musicians redolent with Nomadic exuberance! If you’re looking for a piece to showcase your 9/8 skills – you’ve found it.

The drum solos on this CD are definitely dancer oriented – long enough to be interesting without getting tedious – nice clear repeats – assortment of rhythms that relate and make sense – an easy flow.

This set ends with the “Black Eyes” Ayub Finale. Certainly crafted for the dancer to finish her performance with an easy sassy attitude - a likeable convergence of dancer and musicians at show’s end.

Geozlerinden Bellider was not one of my favorite pieces on this CD – perhaps only because of my own musical preference. It has light country, folksy feel and a strong backbeat. If you’re looking for the feel of country fairs – music without strong agenda – I think you’ll like this offering.

Bolero Mia on the other hand, definitely opened up the options to dancers who love the current trend toward fusing the Middle Eastern and Latin influences of our dance. For whatever reason – I could see troupes using this easy-going melody even with exceptionally large groups of dancers.

The drum solo in this set had an extremely ardent and repetitive start. I again could see a group of dancers using this drum solo in troupe with breakaway pieces by individual dancers in the second half.

Back to Geozlerinden Bellider – but this time “flying intense” and much more interesting with the obviously AWE-Inspiring  Bilezikjian hand taking the lead.

O.K. – I’m just funky enough to really “get” and enjoy the Tonya and John vocalized “Atlantis” that is the fourth set on this CD. Reminded me of the song Cairo with Harry Saroyan – Grand Fantasy – Fabulous!  

Soul of Egypta Suite finishes this CD.  These iconic musicians have the final say in a romp of instrumental delight – their talent is so enormous they make what is difficult seem easy – what a lucky community we are!

I love this CD – it is unpretentious, though filled with massive talent and love of the culture and dance we embrace.  The sentiments of Love, Gratitude and Thanks that the beautiful Tonya expresses, among her other fine reasons for putting this collection together, are evident in every note of this gift.

Teachers – this is a great CD for different instruments and rhythms for dance with great attitude and an insistence of joy!

Tonya and Atlantis
PMB 343, 5318 East Second St.
Long Beach, CA 90803-5354

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